Noland to ditch monarchy

A transformational reform that would see the Principality of Noland dissolve its monarchy and become a republic has been proposed by its monarch, Prince John V.

The proposal is being fleshed out by the Prince in a new draft constitution that centres the government of the micronation on a “Congressional Cabinet”.

Mirroring the congress that it will replace, the Congressional Cabinet would consist of ten seats, filled by an election every three-months in which each citizen may vote for two separate candidates. Where the Congressional Cabinet differs, however, is that its members will assume the duties of the current Executive Council, much in the style of a Westminster parliamentary system. Unlike that system, however, one of the ten seats in the Congressional Cabinet would be assigned to the Chief Justice.

Under the proposed constitution, the duties of the former Prince would be assigned to a Prime Minister who would sit as head of the Congressional Cabinet and be the highest ranked government official in the micronation. The Prime Minister’s powers would be balanced by allowing the Congressional Cabinet to overrule any executive order with a two-thirds supermajority.

It is unclear when the reform will take effect as Prince John did not include a time frame for implementation in his announcement.

Noland to ditch monarchy