Liberal Alliance regains Alexandrian government

In an effort to re-invigorate its languishing parliament amid a political drought, the Empire of the Alexandrians held its latest election for the Imperial Assembly this week, with the role of government again changing hands.

The defeat of the Parti Socialiste government and First Consul Felicia Sánchez was unlikely as the election kicked off on May 29, as the party and Sánchez led the polls with 49% approval each. Within days, however, the approval rating for both in national polls nose-dived, to 40% for the party and 30% for Sánchez, as a result of a lack of campaigning by her and other party officials.

In the end, the Liberal Alliance, which the Parti Socialiste had previously unseated from government in its historic January election win, won 96 of 200 Imperial Assembly seats, regaining the government and cementing its reputation as Alexandria’s natural governing party.

Yet the victory was a muted celebration for the Liberal Alliance, as it achieved it without any active input from its leader, Primo de Aguilar, who was noticeably absent from the campaign trail. The extensive campaigning on which the party achieved its victory was carried out single-handedly by a previously-obscure deputy, Antonio Verini. His focus on criminal justice reform, free trade, conscription, Internet freedom, and empowering local communities allowed the Liberal Alliance to climb 25% in opinion polls leading up to the election and allowed it to nearly double its number of seats in the Imperial Assembly.

With Aguilar’s continued absence, Verini now appears to be the favourite to assume the leadership of the Liberal Alliance, and with it, become Alexandria’s next First Consul.

Liberal Alliance regains Alexandrian government