Pavlov grants rights; seeks broader appeal

The Empire of Pavlov has ratified a new constitution that enshrines numerous civil rights as a means of gaining broader appeal, as well as to clarify the micronation’s status as a multi-national socio-cultural project.

Included in the new constitution proclaimed on June 21 is an explicit protection for civil rights that will prevent a citizen from deprivation on the grounds of race, gender, social origin, religion, or “any other distinction whatsoever”.

This protection is seen as a measured response to the widespread diplomatic condemnation that Pavlov received from the La MicroFrancophonie community last year. In that affair, Pavlov’s foreign affairs spokesperson, Casimir Qërimbasy, in response to the United States Supreme Court pro-same-sex marriage ruling, declared that any person engaging in or supporting homosexual acts within Pavlov would be persecuted.

With its new more moderate constitution, Pavlov is positioning itself to move on from the episode. “The constitution was designed to attract new citizens from a broader spectrum … while maintaining religious orthodoxy, [Pavlov] is moving away from parody,” said Emperor Alexander IV in comments to the Coprieta Standard, suggesting that the ultra-religious orthodoxy which characterized his micronation last year is a thing of the past.

Nonetheless, while it guarantees freedom from discrimination to its citizens, as a religious micronation, Pavlov’s new constitution continues to forbid same-sex marriage. “As a Christian state we believe in marriage between a man and a woman,” said the Emperor, “… proponents of same-sex marriage, they’re free to establish their own micronations and implement the policies they like.”

Pavlov grants rights; seeks broader appeal