Sandus in ambitious book plan

The micronation of Sandus, well recognized for its strong cultural development, has announced an ambitious plan to publish half-a-dozen new works, to be offered as eBooks.

According to today’s announcement by the Kremlum Sandus State Press, which is responsible for overseeing the project officially known as the Sovereign Eagle & Glaux Series, the works will be published via the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Service. That service allows anyone to design and publish their own eBook and offer it for sale on Amazon within 24 to 48 hours. In Sandus’ case, the State Press committed that the price for each eBook will be set such that it will be as accessible as possible.

Included in the series will be the long-awaited Breviarium Rerum Sanderum, a publication that will cover key aspects of Sandus, such as its philosophy, history, culture and constitution. Another work, the Great Philia Almanac, will discuss the background of the more than 100 Sandum holidays. Other works will discuss other cultural matters in-depth, such as popular recipes, the role of the French language in Sandum, and its mysticism.

The Series will also republish one current Sandum text as an eBook, specifically the Founding Law & Citizens textbook, which is an orientation guide for new citizens originally published by the State College.

No anticipated timeline for publication of each work accompanied the announcement.

Sandus in ambitious book plan