Adammic PM fails to achieve clear win

The annual election day for prime minister in Adammia has yielded no clear winner, as both candidates remain tied in the overall vote count as the micronation anxiously awaits tomorrow’s votes from two remaining citizens in the colonies of El Grandens and Kappania.

It is a particularly discouraging result for the incumbent Moderate Party Prime Minister, Jayne Belcher, whose share of the total vote has steadily declined since her first term in 2013, when she took 78.5% of the popular vote. Meanwhile, her competitor, Labour Party leader Paul McKenna, saw his share of the vote jump from 42.8% in last year’s election.

Total Vote Breakdown

Speaking with the local newspaper of record, the Adammic Express, yesterday, Ms Belcher expressed her opinion that her government had allowed the micronation to function well during the course of her third term in office. Yet it was evident in her speech that her government was tired and uninspired. “Adammia should continue as it has done,” she vaguely stated when asked of her intentions for a fourth term. Her proposals to raise the price of a bottle of wine and to procure a pulpit for the Emperor’s speeches were arguably superficial.

For Mr McKenna’s part, he came across as more enthused than Ms Belcher, though his interview with the Adammic Express yesterday offered equally little detail for readers. “Becoming ever more professionally run,” he said in response to a question regarding what he hopes Adammia can become over the course of the next year. He also suggested that revenues would be used for a belated Foundation Day celebration (which was cancelled this year) and to hold more barbeques for the citizenry.

While the reign and popularity of the Moderate Party and Ms Belcher may be ebbing after a strong multi-term period of success, as the Emperor’s mother and Mr McKenna’s partner, she will remain a central figure even if ultimately defeated in the final vote count.

This year’s election, meanwhile, will be historic for Adammia, as the citizens have voiced their desire to impose a narrow mandate to govern for the ultimate victor.

Adammic PM fails to achieve clear win