IADP highlights micronational agriculture

The International Agricultural Development Pact (IADP) celebrated a number of successes that support the advancement of micronational agriculture in its latest quarterly journal.

“The [number] of member states in the IADP almost doubled (to 12 ((https://micronations.wiki/index.php?title=International_Agricultural_Development_Pact&oldid=210527))),” since the start of the year, according to the journal’s author, and IADP Chair, Bilal Irfan, who cited the expansion as underpinning renewed thoughtfulness for the intermicronational organization. That thoughtfulness has resulted in such accomplishments as the creation, since January, of three growing guides, specifically for summer squash, cherries, and jalapeños.

While still an arguably small market, IADP members are nonetheless growing a considerable range of crops. Growing highlights for the past quarter included such crops as mint, tomatoes, apples, coriander, and pecans. For the upcoming season, the variety will continue to expand, with several members evaluating new crops, such as fruit trees. A long-term growth plan for Elsanor envisioned the micronation achieving a commercial pecan orchard of over 20 acres within the next three years.

Despite the positive expansion of its members and crop assortment, IADP nonetheless reported some ongoing challenges. In Shorewell, a lack of experienced agriculturalists has slowed the industry’s development, while inclement weather impacted the most recent harvest in Farrar and Zenrax. In Coria, extremely-low winter temperatures raised concerns that crops will be less-productive for the upcoming growing season.

Recent challenges aside, there appears to be a generally-positive and exciting outlook amongst IADP members for developing an industry that many see as a key step in establishing sovereignty and self-sustainment.

IADP highlights micronational agriculture