Constancia enshrines information access

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]espite the increasingly toxic intermicronational political climate, and resultant militarism, across Micras due the ongoing Hammish civil war, Constancia continues to support the sanctity of open government.

With two-thirds of parliamentarians in favour, the Disclosure and Access to Information Act received assent today, as opposition parties united against the government. The government opposed the legislation on the basis that foreign states and troublesome citizens may use disclosed information maliciously.

As one of the only Micras micronations to have ever enacted such dedicated legislation, Constancia has committed to the release of most national and regional government information. Any citizen, whether at home or abroad, may request disclosure from the government, which is required to respond within three months.

A hallmark of open government, the legislation nonetheless limits public access to certain information, such as that pertaining to the micronation’s military and national security. Also subject to withholding is a citizen’s private information, except income, and any information concerning the head of state (the Basileus) and his court.

The Act further enshrines the right of the head of government, the Mesazõn, to exempt any information from disclosure on a case-by-case basis. With the government vocally opposed to freedom of information in general, it remains to be seen whether it will use that clause to ultimately neuter the Act. The increasing military paranoia gripping the Micras community does little to ease such concern.

Constancia enshrines information access