Jingdao awarded Micras Games

DAOCHENG – The first olympic-style games within the Micras community in 10 years are one step closer to reality as the capital city of the Jingdaoese Empire was named host city.

The Daocheng candidate host city logo for the 2018 Micras Games.

It was an easy win for Daocheng, which gained four of the seven delegate votes in the first round to beat out second place Lillycove (Hoennese Realm) and third place Jamestown (Vyktory). The city successfully shirked the often-controversial status of its micronation on the world stage, selling itself as a “city of contrasts”, where “tradition meets modernity, rigidity meets fluidity, and stereotypes meet their maker.”

For the organizers, the challenge of hosting a successful Micras Games this year now takes centre-stage. The event is the first since the 2008 MicrOlympics and it is far more ambitious, with 36 simulated events and 10 live events. The most anticipated live event may be the classic board game Diplomacy, historically the Micras community’s favourite such game, having been translated to a forum-based medium.

As of press time, an estimated date range for the games was not published.


Jingdao awarded Micras Games