“Cy-letes” compete at games

As the Winter Olympics unfold in South Korea, fans within the micronational community are looking to duplicate the concept on the local stage. One such effort is playing out, bringing together competitors from six MicroWiki nations.

The 2018 Micronational Olympic Federation (MOF) Games is the inaugural test-run for the budding organization. The nine-day competition began on February 15th and welcomed seven competitors, each called a “cy-lete” (a combination of “cyber” and “athlete”), from the participant nations. A total of six events are scheduled through to the February 25th closing ceremonies.

The Micronational Olympic Federation logo, used to represent the 2018 games.

Unique to this particular effort is that the events are not focused on sports or online gaming alone. Only three – Agar.io Party, Checkers, and Tic Tac Toe – feature live competition between the cy-letes. The remainder are popularity contests for the participant nations to acquire bragging rights in the areas of best coat of arms, best flag, and best motto.

With the trial run just over halfway at press time, the games are ahead of schedule, with four of the events completed (versus the planned three). Phyrrian Tribes, a micronation founded in January this year, leads with two gold medals, gained from winning the best flag and best motto events. Posaf, the home of the MOF, nonetheless has the most medals, with one gold and two bronze.

If successful, the MOF hopes to host the event annually through at least 2021.


“Cy-letes” compete at games