Karnia-Ruthenia House sits again

Just weeks into the mandate of a new Imperial Chancellor, Karnia-Ruthenia is pushing forward with the reinvigoration of its legislative lower house.

The House of Representatives last sat on October 18th, when its brief two-month history ended with an act of high treason by the nation’s first chancellor, Thomas de Cumange. The position remained vacant until February 3rd, when Michael de Cessna was appointed.

With Cessna taking office, the government moved quickly to finish the interrupted session and reconvened the House earlier this week. The expectations for the body focused largely on procedural matters, with an open-ended question as to the focus of laws to be considered during the session.

Dom Guilhermo, the Duke of Libertia, seized the opportunity to table a number of procedural proposals including automatic dismissal of representatives who miss three votes in a row, and a two-year term limit, after which each member-state must elect another representative.

Guilhermo also went beyond the procedural and raised ideas for a number of new laws for Karnia-Ruthenia.

Most significantly, he would seek to outlaw dual citizenship, with any citizen losing their status automatically upon joining another micronation. “This is to preserve our cultural value to all individuals [who make-up] our country,” he said.

Other laws would include criminalizing possession or consumption of narcotics, including intoxication by them, the use of psychological terror, and and intellectual property infringement.

For his part, Cessna is supportive of the proposed criminal and immigration reforms, so long as the definition of narcotics is sufficiently detailed. Other representatives have yet to voice their positions on the matters and no vote is scheduled.

Karnia-Ruthenia House sits again

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