Bannerman rebrands, moves to newsprint

The Lavrada Bannerman, a micronational news service founded in July 2015, has transitioned from an online weblog to an offline weekly periodical under new management.

Originally founded as a weblog by Jordan Brizendine (formerly David Sarkozy) to cover Delveran news, ownership passed to Dylan Callahan recently, who decided to rebrand it to “MicroNews” and convert it to newsprint.

An issue of the revamped Bannerman, published under the name MicroNews (submitted).

“I saw potential that was not being realized,” Callahan told the Coprieta Standard when asked about the motivation for his purchase of the Bannerman. “I imagined that if the publication were moved from the blogosphere and into a more legitimate and professional realm of consistent and reliable content, then there would a greater audience served.”

Callahan also sees the newsprint format as an artistic expression of micronationalism that when placed on a table will draw unique attention, versus that of macronational newsprint.

In its new format, each issue of the weekly will cost 50 curos ($1 USD) and consist of 8-pages of news, advertisements, classifieds, comics, and crosswords. Editorial direction  will evolve from the bottom-up based on feedback from its readers, as opposed to top-down from Callahan’s personal beliefs.

For now, MicroNews is only available locally within Delvera as that micronation seeks to recover from a devaluation of its currency. With new printing of Delveran Curos coming online, and its ongoing transition away from interim dependency on the USD, the publication will become more widely available to the micronational community. In anticipation of that, subscription requests are being accepted via email.

Bannerman rebrands, moves to newsprint