Langford leads Mcarthia election

The week-long election for a new First Secretary to lead a reinvigorated Mcarthia has run beyond its official end without a winner declared.

Scheduled to conclude at midnight on April 6th, no official announcement has been made as to the winner of the election, which pit Artemis Langford against Horatio Eden, after a third contender, Pavle Savovic, resigned his Mcarthian citizenship.

Based on the timeline of votes cast in the open ballot process in the House of Councillors, Langford garnered thre votes to Eden’s two prior to the deadline, giving her the win. Post-deadline, two other citizens cast votes for Eden; however, those votes are expected to be disqualified once the official result is announced.

As First Secretary, Langford will have a full slate as Mcarthia works to return to full operation after the recent completion of its extensive constitutional code by Clark. Langford will first need to recommend a number of government and judicial appointments to Clark, among them the Secretaries of State for Commerce, the Exterior, Fiscal Affairs, and the Interior.

It remains unclear when the results will be finalized. If Langford is confirmed as winner, it will be a bittersweet victory after she was disqualified as First Secretary last month due to a lack of quorum in the House of Councillors.


Langford leads Mcarthia election

Bridget University begins offering courses

MCARTHIA CITY – The first university within the Republic of Mcarthia’s has begun operation, offering micronationalists access to a number of courses in culture, economics, and micronational awareness.

With four courses being offered at the outset, Bridget University is an ambitious foray into micronational education services. The course selection, of which half the content is developed according to President Anthony Clark, represents notable progress in the development of the institution in a facet of micronationalism often marred by false-starts.

The courses are presented by Clark, who is placing a particular emphasis on economics, a subject area that represents half of the current course offerings. In speaking with the Standard, he noted that he felt that economics required particular emphasis as it is “an area in which I think many micronationalists could learn more about.”

Another course, the “Ultimate Micronational Guide” targets new micronationalists and provides lectures concerning a wide variety of aspects, including governance and culture, the latter of which is also the focus of a more in-depth course. There are also plans to develop courses that focus on politics, foreign relations, and diplomacy, according to Clark.

The university has raised early interest, with two students having enrolled in courses according to Clark, and a commitment from the Kid United Republic to recognize any degree granted.

Bridget University begins offering courses

New IGO sought for MicroWiki Community

MICROWIKI – Two months following the overwhelmingly supportive vote to cease operation of the Grand Unified Micronational as an active intergovernmental organization, the MicroWiki community is discussing if a replacement is needed.

The re-tasking of GUM, now an Internet chat room, has caused a void in that community’s intergovernmental scene, prompting Zenrax’s leader, Thomas Tiberius, to propose the creation of a new organization, or otherwise a reorganization and reactivation of GUM’s former mandate. “What are we to do about it?” said Tiberius, referring to the negative impact on community solidarity caused by GUM’s re-tasking, suggesting that a replacement was needed to help welcome and orientate new micronations with the community.

Those in favour of Tiberius’ efforts have generally grouped themselves into a movement to create a new unique intergovernmental organization as opposed to seeking to exist under the GUM banner as he proposed.

Anthony Clark, the President of Mcarthia, suggested that any new organization address the failures of GUM, most notably in his view its inactivity, its lack of organization and specific goals, and its excessive professionalism.

The President of Nedland, Ned Greiner, suggested a comparatively-complex United Nations type organization that would include both secessionists and simulationists, which would make the organization one of the few since the League of Secessionist States and League of Micronations in the early 2000s to cater to both streams of micronationalism. Noting that such an association would be a non-starter to most secessionist micronations, which have a negative view of simulationism, Greiner pointed to the fact that not all United Nations memberstates recognize each other. “Everyone can be in the same organization as long as everyone is cordial, but not everybody has to recognize each other if they don’t feel comfortable,” said Greiner.

Greiner further suggested that any new organization should take a more regulated but varied approach to discussions, with moderated “ultra-casual” chats scheduled, in addition to more formal discussions regarding governance, so that memberstate representatives can build valuable rapport. He cautioned that any moderation of discussions would need to balance seriousness, as he foresaw a risk of turning individuals away if “very serious content and severe regulation” became the norm within the new organization.

There is nonetheless much stated opposition to the creation of a new intermicronational organization, with several individuals suggesting that the inherent failure of GUM indicates that a similar organization will meet the same fate. “The reason (GUM) died was because it was no longer needed, after all,” said Richard of Mercia. Covanellis’ President Bailey McCahon further opined that “micronations are fine to … form treaties and trade agreements independently and don’t need an organization to help them do that.”

Whatever the fate of Tiberius’ initiative, it will not be using the GUM banner, if only because many senior members of the MicroWiki community have made it clear that GUM will continue as the chatroom it has become and that the name will not be lent to any intergovernmental organization that manifests itself from the ongoing discussions.

New IGO sought for MicroWiki Community